Leicestershire & Rutland Ramblers


Welcome to the website of the Leicestershire and Rutland Area of the Ramblers' Association

The Ramblers is a charity whose core work is in safeguarding  the places people want to go walking, campaigning to improve the path network and encouraging people to use them — from gentle strolls to challenging hikes, whether in towns or countryside.

This Area is made up of seven geographically based local groups, one covering Rutland and six, different parts of Leicestershire. There is aniotgher area-wide group targeted at people 18 to 40 years old with social activities appropriate to that age group (see links to individual group websites)

These local groups put on about 1000 walks each year some locally and some further afield, and there are walks for all ages and levels of fitness. There is a mix of weekend walks, midweek evening walks and some daytime walks including Walking for Health programmes.

The Area co-ordinates the activities of the groups and provides the link between them and the national organisation. It also campaigns on behalf of the members as a whole and indeed all those in the country who like to walk for whatever reason..

We keep an eye on footpath problems and report any to the County Councils and assist the councils in the devising and promotion of walks in the area.

Members of the Area committee serve on numerous other bodies, promoting the cause of the walking community. These include the National Forest Access & Recreation Group, the Heart of the Forest Access & Connectivity Group, the Leicestershire Local Access Forum, the Leicester City Local Access Forum, the Charnwood Forest Regional Park Steering Group, the Local Nature Partnership and the Charnwood Landscape Partnership Board. It is this campaigning and reporting role that earns us our status as a charity.

When you decide to join, you’ll be given a selection of groups you may wish to choose from based, on your postcode.. You can opt for your local group or another group if you prefer but you can just be a member of the Area. Choosing a group doesn’t stop you from walking with other groups nearby or further afield and you can change your group at any time.


Sunday, December 16, 2018