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Footpath News Summer 2015

Footpath changes as at Summer 2015




Heather - Very minor diversion of footpath Q60 where it reaches Swepstone Road at the edge of the village, to accommodate a small development.


Coleorton - Changes to several footpaths (M72, M59, M54, M47A, M52 & M71) to accommodate development of the farm. The only significant changes are the loss of the northernmost path (M52) eastwards to Lower Moor Road and the diversion of M59 off the farm drive from Outwoods Lane further west.


Bardon Quarry extension - These affect the paths (N49, O22 and O35) between Bardon Hill and the Copt Oak Road, across the former Kelham’s Farm. The former temporary diversion to the east from Copt Oak Road opposite the bridleway to Charley Hall is now moved again, and takes a westerly route around the workings. The footpath around the base of Bardon Hill from Agar Nook is also affected slightly. The path from the A511 to Copt Oak (N49) is also now truncated to reach the B581 Copt Oak Road much further south of the M1 bridge, oipposite the minor road to Ulverscroft Grange.


Braunstone - A notional diversion of the footpath (W13) from Colbert Drive on to the Aylestone Meadows, to the line always available since the erection of an electricity sub-station.


Shawell - A change to the temporary (35-year) diversion of the bridleway (X27) from Cotesbach to Shawell at the Shawell end, to allow for a change in the extraction plan, It will be diverted further west but commence/end at the same point on Gibbet Lane.


Rothley Grange - A diversion of footpath K23 running from Farnham Bridge on the old A6 to Sileby Mill, to the route constructed when the warehousing was built about 10 years ago. The route goes to the east of the warehousing, and a gate has also been put in to allow access to the navigation towing path (non-definitive) which runs on the west side of the River Soar from Cossington Mill to Sileby Mill which provides an attractive alternative to the definitive PROW on the eastern bank – it makes a nice circular between the two mills.


Ratcliffe College - Changes to the route running from the back of Ratcliffe College to Park Hill Lane, Seagrave.This (I54) is now a bridleway on the same route, and the Leicestershire Round (I55) now goes slightly further north of the Ratcliffe College buildings before crossing to the A46. A short connecting footpath (I55A) has been added between the two to avoid a dog-leg route, and the bridleway has been formally extended southwards to Ratcliffe Road to avoid any dispute over rights on what was previously an undefined privately-maintained lane.


Melton Mowbray - As the new Melton Borough Council Offices near the station were built across a non-defined track knwon as Mucky Lane, a definitive route has been created to the north of the office block, along a pavement to the Car Park next to Play Close This has been given the number E361.


Six Hills - A final resolution of the anomaly at the Six Hills end of footpath G93, which runs towards Old Dalby across the A6006.


Wycomb - Another long-standing issue resolved, at the Wycomb end of footpath F13B, which leads northwestwards to join the Jubilee Way between Scalford and Goadby Marwood. The path notionally went through a private garden, but now starts slightly further west at the field gate which has always been the only practicable route for many years.

Shoby - A diversion of the bridleway from Shoby to Ragdale (H28) to the north of the farm buildings, thus hopefully removing the problem of surface damage and mud on the route caused by livestock using the barns.


Somerby - A small diversion of the path which leads south off Church Lane to the Owston Road (D74) – the definitive route has been blocked by various farmyard impedimenta for some time, and the diversion follows the practicable route.


Church Langton - Small diversion of the paths coming from West Langton and Tur Langton, which converge just west of the Melton Road in the village (A86 & A88). The diversions avoid horse paddocks and make the exit to the road along the farm drive rather than just to the north of it.


Barwell - A dedication of a route south from Shilton Road near the water tower, which forms an extension of the existing urban footpath to the north (U74), and links with the paths (U32) leading off Dawson’s Lane. This route has been walked informally for some years, but is now secure in the event of any development, thanks to the kind act of the existing landowner.


Gaulby  Dedication of the churchyard path at Gaulby which has been given the number C108.




Uppingham - A small diversion of the path (E307) crossing the sports pitches between Spring Back Way and Gipsy Hollow Lane to avoid crossing the all-weather pitches, to the western edge of the playing fields.

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