Leicestershire & Rutland Ramblers

Footpath News Summer 2016



Blaby District.

Sharnford - V30 diversion to correct mapping errors. V109 extinguishment as it has no real value being so close to V30 and not very pleasant. Route has been unavailable for several years.

Harborough District.

Foxton - A32. Confirmed by Secretary of State Inspector. Path changed from cross field route to headland route to make way for holiday chalets.

Houghton on the Hill - C50, D10 Definitive Map Modification Order to amend the map to the route historically used.

Shawell - Diversion of X23 and X24  which passed through an underbridge on the old Great Central Railway. The underbridge has started to become unsafe. The new route crosses the trackbed on the level.

Gilmorton- Y89  A minor diversion to make way for a development.

Hinckley and Bosworth.

Markfield - Small extinguishment of a path (R17 ) through a garden where there is a pavement <10m away.

Carlton - A small diversion of S48 which makes the definitive map show what has been actually walked for many years.


Melton Borough.

Hose - Small diversion of G29a to use track around a paddock.

North West Leicestershire.

Bardon - Small diversion of N48 to allow development to site. After requests from the Ramblers and LFA an extra exit was provided to the SE of the new route.

Bardon Hill footpaths diversions update.

The latest Bardon Quarry extension path order was confirmed on 5th August 2016, and the map below shows, what we believe, to be the current situation regarding rights of way in the immediate vicinity of the quarry.

Purple shows unaffected paths.

Green should be usable.

Red either temporarily or permanently stopped up.

Blue is the temporary route of the Ivanhoe Way.

We think this is the period of the worst disruption, and further changes should slowly improve things.

Bardon Hill paths Aug 16 

 Diseworth - L48. Diversion was made to improve the security of houses along Clements Gate and to allow for better land management (crops). The path has been diverted along a wide, grassy, headland and then along Long Holden (unclassified County Road). Long Holden is a track and carries very little traffic.


Sunday, December 16, 2018