Leicestershire & Rutland Ramblers


For details of national campaigning please visit  CAMPAIGNS

Locally there are a number of ways where members can help us. All your officers are of course volunteers but there are ways to assist without such an ongoing commitment. All groups are looking for new walks leaders and new ideas as to where to go for a walk.

We do have a list of members who have indicated areas where they are happy to help when the need arises. We have members helping waymark paths; others monitor footpaths and report problems. Paths could be overgrown or flooded, could have damaged stiles, gates or fingerposts but could also be illegally blocked or obstructed. You could become a Path Guardian covering a few miles of footpath on the new National Forest Way or elsewhere.

A number of members develop walking routes under a scheme managed nationally but locally there are often routes which experienced members have created but which cannot go onto the national walk-finder website until somebody locally has trial walked them.

There are one-off jobs which come up like designing a website or longer term ones like managing a site or producing a newsletter.

Volunteers can help promote our work to the public and media or sign up to become an e-campaigner, and help us achieve our campaign goals. Volunteers are sometimes needed to help man a stall promoting the organisation at country fairs etc.

Research is increasingly going to be required. We need to identify any unrecorded ways before the cut-off date for any historic claims and people with data base skills might be able to help once we start turning anything up. This can involve studying material at home we can provide or visiting the county records office and pouring over their fascinating material

We are able to assist the County Council in a number of ways and do work closely with them.

Campaigning locally takes many forms and one of the more important is to keep our footpath network open. This means carrying out regular surveys and volunteers to help with this are always welcome.

If you are at all interested and want to learn a little more or put down you name on a list of people we can call on please contact the Area Chairman.

We occasionally organise short social gatherings when anybody interested in finding out more about ways they might help is invited to join the Area Officers.


Sunday, December 16, 2018