Leicestershire & Rutland Ramblers


The pictures shown are all provided by members. Some show the activities of groups on organised outings and some are of members’ activities with friends and families. Yet more are also pictures they have taken of lovely local sites which might tempt people from out of the area to come and explore what the counties of Rutland and Leicestershire have to offer

There are also some taken of more distant places. Members often go on trips organised by either the Holiday Fellowship or Ramblers Worldwide Holidays. The Ramblers have a contract with HF which benefits the organisation both nationally and locally. HF is in any event a cooperative and as such has always had a good relationship with the Ramblers to which it affiliates.

Ramblers WWH was born out of our organisation and now whilst entirely separate is still a not for profit organisation providing support for walking groups and has over the years put many millions of pounds in the Ramblers.

If groups enter into formal contracts with WWH they receive a donation every time one of their members books a holiday with them.

We encourage members to let us have photographs and articles about any places of interest they visit to give ideas to other members. Where space permits these will be included in our twice yearly publication ‘Write of Way’ but might otherwise be shown on the web site. Where file size requires it they may be précised.

Where known the photographer is identified, but some taken from old newsletters are unknown. If any member can lay claim to them and wants them attributing please contact the Editor. Similarly if you have what you think are interesting ones to join our collection please send them to the Editor.

Members Photos Of Leicestershire & Rutland

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Photos From Group Activities

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Thursday, January 17, 2019